12-13 Sept, Bangalore
Status: Accepting submissions

About Fragments:

Fragments is a two-day, single track conference on the mobile ecosystem in India. The conference will feature talks – full-length and crisp – panel discussions, and Off-The-Record (OTR) sessions.

We are looking for proposals in the following topics:

  1. Modern Development Practices

    • How are modern development teams structured?
    • How do you achieve cross platform design/feature parity?
    • How do your collaboration, decision making, and development processes adapt to accommodate cross platform teams?
  2. Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

    • How is your CI/CD pipeline designed to allow you to test, build and deploy to multiple platforms (Android,iOS,Web) simultaneously?
  3. Design

    • What tools and processes to designers follow when they have to design for multiple platforms simultaneously, given that each platform as it’s own guidelines/styles?
  4. Localisation and Accessibility

    • How do you handle localization and accessibility in modern mobile apps?
  5. Progressive Web Apps

    • Are progressive web apps the way forward?
    • Are progressive web apps a better way to solve cross platform development? What’s their future?
  6. On the ground case studies

    • Talks on how companies have changed their development workflows, processes, teams, app architecture, and tooling over time.
  7. Platform specific talks

    • We are also open to platform specific technology talks that are novel in their content or approach.

Commitment to open source

HasGeek believes in open source as the binding force of our community. If you are describing a codebase for developers to work with, we’d like for it to be available under a permissive open source licence. If your software is commercially licensed or available under a combination of commercial and restrictive open source licences (such as the various forms of the GPL), please consider picking up a sponsorship. We recognise that there are valid reasons for commercial licensing, but ask that you support us in return for giving you an audience. Your session will be marked on the schedule as a “sponsored session”.

Selection process

Proposals will be filtered and shortlisted by an Editorial Panel.

Make sure to add links to videos / slide decks when submitting proposals. We will not review proposals without detailed outlines or slide decks and preview videos.

The first filter for every proposal is whether the technology or solution you are referring to is open source or not. If you are referring to a proprietary technology, consider picking up a sponsored session.

The criteria for selecting proposals, in the order of importance, are:

  1. Key insight or takeaway: what can you share with participants that will help them in their work and in thinking about the problem?
  2. Structure of the talk and flow of content: a detailed outline helps us understand the focus of the talk, and the clarity of your thought process.
  3. Ability to communicate succinctly, and how you engage with the audience. You must submit link to a two-minute preview video explaining what your talk is about, and what is the key takeaway for the audience.

No one submits the perfect proposal in the first instance. We therefore encourage you to:

  1. Submit your proposal early so that we have more time to iterate if the proposal has potential.
  2. Talk to us on our community Slack channel: https://friends.hasgeek.com if you want to discuss an idea for your proposal, and need help / advice on how to structure it.

Our editorial team also helps potential speakers in honing their speaking skills, and rehearsing at least twice - before the main conference - to sharpen the focus of talks.

Passes and honararium for selected speakers:

A speaker is NOT confirmed a slot unless we explicitly mention so in an email or over any other medium of communication.

Selected speakers get a pass to the conference and networking dinner. We do not provide free passes for speakers’ colleagues and spouses.

We also pay an honararium of Rs. 5,000 to each speaker, at the end of their talk.

Travel grants for outstation speakers:

Fragments 2017 is funded through ticket purchases and sponsorships.
We try to provide full or partial travel grants for at least two international and two domestic speakers.
First preference in awarding grants is given to women speakers, persons of non-binary genders, and speakers from Africa. If you require a travel grant, indicate this in the field where you add your location.

Important dates:

Deadline for submitting proposals: 30 July, 2017

Conference date: 12-13 Sept, 2017


For more information about speaking proposals, tickets and sponsorships, contact info@hasgeek.com or call +91-7676332020.

Propose a session

# Speaker Section Level +1 Submitted
1 Application Energy Management: Catching Energy Glitches Before Your Next App Release
Y. Charlie Hu (@mobileenerlytics) (proposing) Full Talk Intermediate 7 0 Fri, 21 Jul
2 Tracking Framework in Flipkart iOS app
Krati Jain (@kratijain) Full Talk Intermediate 1 0 Thu, 20 Jul
3 Migrating your Android App to Kotlin Android
Ravindra Kumar (@ravindrakumar8088) Full Talk Intermediate 10 0 Wed, 19 Jul
4 How i made it to 1 millions of installs within 8 months with zero marketing.
Mohammed Shaiban (@shaiban) Crisp Talk Intermediate 3 0 Mon, 17 Jul
5 Exploring the new Android Architecture Components
Akshay Chordiya (@akshaychordiya) Full Talk Intermediate 1 0 Mon, 17 Jul
6 Kotlin - Let’s code using a first class language
Hardik Trivedi (@trivedi) Workshop Beginner 5 0 Sun, 16 Jul
7 Understanding a Constraint Layout
Hardik Trivedi (@trivedi) Full Talk Beginner 3 0 Sun, 16 Jul
8 Developing multi-channel apps - Mobile to Progressive Web Apps with Bluemix
Srihari Kulkarni (@skulkarni) Crisp Talk Intermediate 5 0 Sun, 16 Jul
9 Dialog a tête-à-tête with a bot via Watson ; Kotlin & Java versions
Vidyasagar Machupalli (@vmac) Full Talk Intermediate 10 0 Wed, 12 Jul
10 Securing your App for Offline support
Kartik Lalan (@kartiklalan) Full Talk Intermediate 1 0 Wed, 12 Jul
11 Writing applications for Wear 2.0
Ashok Kumar (@ashokslsk) Full Talk Intermediate 77 17 Tue, 4 Jul
12 Performing Surgery without Anaesthesia - Lessons learnt rearchitecting an app that's live in production
Aniket Kadam (@aniketsmk) Full Talk Intermediate 3 1 Mon, 3 Jul
13 AndroidThings with Firebase, the new dynamite
Devavrata Sharma (@devavrata) Crisp Talk Beginner 78 4 Mon, 3 Jul
14 Android O: New update available!
Chetan Sachdeva (@chetsachdeva) Full Talk Intermediate 6 0 Sun, 2 Jul
15 Creating a richer user experience using physics-based animations
Richa Khanna (@richak) Full Talk Intermediate 8 0 Sun, 2 Jul
16 Controlling APK Size When Using Native Library
Brijesh Masrani (@brijeshmasrani) Crisp Talk Intermediate 6 0 Sun, 2 Jul
17 Rapid Android Application Development
Ravindra Kumar (@ravindrakumar8088) Workshop Intermediate 41 0 Sun, 2 Jul
18 Dagger 2 Android : Defeat the Dahaka
Garima Jain (@ragdroid) Full Talk Intermediate 16 0 Sun, 2 Jul
19 Stop imposing English on your users!
Arun Babu A S P (@arunbabuasp) Full Talk Intermediate 18 0 Sun, 2 Jul
20 Design patterns for network agnostic android apps
Arun Babu A S P (@arunbabuasp) Full Talk Advanced 5 0 Sun, 2 Jul
21 Progressive Web 'AMP' - Native app's strongest rival
Arun Babu A S P (@arunbabuasp) Crisp Talk Advanced 5 0 Sun, 2 Jul
22 Don't just code, make your app performant
Neha Dhanwani (@nehadhanwani) Full Talk Intermediate 7 0 Sun, 2 Jul
23 Automate Android, iOS and ReactNative build Pipelines using Fastlane
Abhinandan Kothari (@abhinandankothari) Workshop Beginner 6 0 Sun, 2 Jul
24 Everything about Android Animations you were too afraid to ask
Chaitanya Nettem (@chaitanyanettem) Full Talk Intermediate 6 0 Sun, 2 Jul
25 Lottie: Animating the bridge between Designers and Developers
Chetan Sachdeva (@chetsachdeva) Crisp Talk Intermediate 5 0 Sun, 2 Jul
26 Making delightful apps
Chaitanya Nettem (@chaitanyanettem) Full Talk Intermediate 2 0 Sun, 2 Jul
27 Mobile, AI and TensorFlow Lite
Supriya Srivatsa (@sup95) Crisp Talk Beginner 10 0 Sun, 2 Jul
28 Hello Kotlin!
Supriya Srivatsa (@sup95) Workshop Beginner 9 0 Sun, 2 Jul
29 Kotlin-ize your Android Development
Akshay Chordiya (@akshaychordiya) Full Talk Beginner 21 0 Wed, 28 Jun
30 Getting started with the Andorid Things.
Keval Patel (@kevalpatel2106) Full Talk Beginner 6 0 Mon, 26 Jun
31 Decrease build time and application size by 60%
Keval Patel (@kevalpatel2106) Full Talk Intermediate 8 2 Mon, 26 Jun
32 Automate all things !
Adnan A M (@adnan123) Full Talk Beginner 4 0 Wed, 21 Jun
33 Mobile-Server connection with MQTT
Ishaan Garg (@ishaangarg) Full Talk Beginner 13 0 Wed, 21 Jun
34 Getting Started with Machine Learning for iOS
Adnan A M (@adnan123) Full Talk Intermediate 1 0 Wed, 21 Jun
35 Gradle Build System
Krunal Kapadiya (@krunal3kapadiya) Crisp Talk Intermediate 15 0 Sun, 18 Jun
36 Breaking The Language Barrier With Your App
Adwait Vyas (@adwaitvyas) Crisp Talk Beginner 21 1 Thu, 15 Jun
37 From Legacy to Legend
Ragunath Jawahar (@ragunathjawahar) Full Talk Intermediate 10 1 Thu, 15 Jun
38 Code Generation for Zombies
Ragunath Jawahar (@ragunathjawahar) Full Talk Intermediate 8 1 Thu, 15 Jun
39 A Pragmatic Reactive Architecture
Ragunath Jawahar (@ragunathjawahar) Full Talk Advanced 11 1 Thu, 15 Jun
40 The Holy Gradle!
Tanay Agrawal (@tanayagrawal) Crisp Talk Intermediate 15 1 Thu, 15 Jun
41 Think twice before writing code to manipulate UI - Exploiting Autolayout
Anshuman Srivastava (@anshumansrivastava) Full Talk Intermediate 22 3 Wed, 14 Jun
42 "My app crashes with NullPointerException when the user rotates the phone while a network request is happening"
Saket Narayan (@saketme) Full Talk Advanced 8 2 Tue, 13 Jun
43 Managing Complexity using a Reactive Architecture
Vinay B. N. (@bnvinay92) Full Talk Advanced 9 1 Mon, 12 Jun
44 Code with Confidence - Tools for Android Developer
Harshit Bangar (@bangarh) Full Talk Advanced 7 1 Mon, 12 Jun
45 Android Auto: The Road To Connected Cars
Nitish Bhatt (@initishbhatt) Full Talk Intermediate 11 1 Sat, 10 Jun
46 Being an UX focussed mobile developer
Adnan A M (@adnan123) Full Talk Beginner 2 1 Thu, 8 Jun
47 Developing Android apps with Kotlin
Vatsal Bajpai (@vatsal-bajpai) Full Talk Intermediate 10 1 Tue, 6 Jun
48 Object Oriented Tricks
Arun Sasidharan (@arunsasi) Full Talk Intermediate 27 1 Mon, 5 Jun
49 Kotlin: Uncovered
Victoria Gonda (@vgonda) Full Talk Beginner 7 0 Sun, 4 Jun
50 Building Instant Apps for Android Instantly
Adnan A M (@adnan123) Full Talk Beginner 2 1 Fri, 26 May
51 How to Write Clean Code in Android
Mohanraj K.M. (@kmmraj) Full Talk Intermediate 2 1 Tue, 23 May
52 Mobile Apps using Meteor
Vinay Chaudhary (@vinay2063) Crisp Talk Intermediate 1 1 Mon, 22 May
53 Adapting and Adopting Kotlin in Android
Rakshak R.Hegde (@rakshakhegde) Full Talk Intermediate 3 1 Sat, 20 May
54 PWA or Instant app or Android app ?? How to device which one to build for your solution
Amrit Sanjeev (@amrit) Intermediate 7 1 Thu, 18 May
55 How to build effective Android Instant apps ?
Amrit Sanjeev (@amrit) Advanced 19 1 Thu, 18 May
56 Improving android apps using Architecture Components
Amrit Sanjeev (@amrit) Intermediate 21 1 Thu, 18 May